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Extensive research has shown that the use of EMDR has helped people heal from traumatic events that have caused PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) such as; auto accidents, rape, sexual abuse, war combat, etc. EMDR can also help those who feel struggles and distress due to life events such as: divorce, grief, anxiety, life transitions, and more.  The Maiberger Institute, an EMDR training institute, notes that sometimes events happen in a person’s life and he/she struggles to find a way to integrate that incident. That event can become an unprocessed memory and get stored in the brain creating symptoms that are uncomfortable. Physical sensations, emotions, thoughts, and images associated with the event can get locked into the brain, and without treatment, may lead to distressing symptoms and behaviors.


Marriage or intimate couple relationships can be the most difficult and rewarding relationships and often times couples wait too long before they seek therapeutic help. Working with the couple relationship can be complex. That’s why our therapists are trained from a systemic perspective, meaning we look at both partners as individuals who are functioning within the system as the couple.  This perspective allows us to identify and unravel conflict or stuck patterns and develop, new healthier ways of interacting.


We are all part of a family, and though we often desire to maintain healthy family dynamics, this may not be the case. Family therapy can provide a sense of balance and support, help each member of the family to be heard, and empower others to feel supported in their unique contributions to the family as a system.


Somatic Experiencing™ (SE) involves using techniques based on multidisciplinary practices such as stress physiology, psychology, ethology, biology, neuroscience, indigenous healing practices and medical biophysics. The SE approach releases traumatic shock, which is key to transforming PTSD and the wounds of emotional and early developmental attachment trauma. For more information please visit the SE website at Traumahealing.org

For more information please visit the SE website : Traumahealing.org


People often seek therapy when things are shifting in their lives, for example, when they are dealing with a loss or a change. We take an introspective approach to your experiences and help you develop a compassionate viewpoint toward yourself that allows you to get through struggles with anxiety, depression, or emotions that come with change.


Hypnotherapy is a process by which a trained, certified hypnotherapist, a licensed therapist, verbally guides the individual being hypnotized to relax and become more susceptible to their open unconscious mind. The hypnotic trance or relaxed state is one in which the individual being hypnotized moves into what is called a theta brain wave state.  This is a meditative or very relaxed state that allows for peripheral noises, thoughts, distractions or occurrences to be quieted so that the individual is able to acutely “tune into” unconscious or implicit memories and information from the hypnotherapist.

Hypnotherapy can be a very effective and helpful tool for anxiety/stress management, traumatic disorders, sleep disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, acute pain and chronic pain, and many more.